Frequently Ask Questions

We are an innovation and technology driven company. We want to be at the forefront of new textile technologies so that you can enjoy them while riding. Don’t hesistate to check our Facebook page for the latest info about product relaeases.

We use strictly the best Dupont Denemour™ Kevlar® fabric that we
source from Germany.

Our garments are made in the E.U. with the strictest production standards and quality control, which means no child labor, no overtime work and good overal working conditions.

You can buy them right here on our online store.
We usually ship for free but that will depend on where you are located.

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It’s important to understand that no Kevlar is stronger than 100% Kevlar fiber, as it’s a woven fabric and not a knitted fabric. And that is why we use 100% Kevlar on the high risk areas such as the hips, bum and knees. As these areas are the most likely to get injured during a crash or fall.

And that’s also why we integrated pockets for D3O armor, which by the way is the industry standard in impact protection.

Our base layer is a blend of Kevlar, Protex and cotton meaning you’ll be protected against abrasion, heat and flames.
Then our added Kevlar patches are there for pure abrasion resistance.

So you can enjoy your ride and feel confident!

They feel like putting on a pair of pyjama’s!
The elastic fibre that we use which acts as a base layer is a mix of Kevlar and coton and covers all the legs. So you won’t event feel the roughness of 100% Kevlar fabric on the high risk areas.

They’re flexible and moisture wicking. And you can wash them

We made them so that you could wear them all day long and all year round.
In winter, they’ll provide an extra layer of thickness. And in summer, the air still flows through the leggings and your legs so moisture is constantly evactuated. Keeping you dry and cool.

The “natural” color of Kevlar is yellow, so we decided to keep it that way and integrate it into our color codes.

But they are also available in black. Here we are not simply dying the fabric in black. Instead we are building a new product from the ground up using new black fibres and new manufacturing techniques, which makes our manufacturing costs higher. The advantage is that the black leggings can be worn as a single layer of clothing and that the colour will not fade away after washing.