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Why are Bowtex DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber leggings yellow?

The “natural” color of DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber is yellow, so we decided to keep it that way and integrate it into our color codes.

But they are also available in black. Here we are not simply dying the fabric in black. Instead we are building a new product from the ground up using new black fibres and new manufacturing techniques, which makes our manufacturing costs higher. The advantage is that the black leggings can be worn as a single layer of clothing and that the colour will not fade away after washing.

Do they protect the entire surface of the leg?

Yes, although the protection provided is different depending on the layer of fabric. The main, comfortable and flexible layer is used for comfort, temperature regulation and heat resistance. Kevlar overlay layers offer even greater resistance to abrasion!


In addition it is recommended to insert the protections D3O® because they will make a significant difference in case of crash. Like to avoid breaking a kneecap for example!

How comfortable is it ?

This is the advantage of the tights. It can be worn comfortably under pants or a pair of jeans. The elastic fabric gives a jogging pants effect. So you can wear it all day without going through the box “acrobatic stripping in the toilet” between two appointments.

They are also machine washable. However, the washing instructions must be observed. A cold wash, do not tumble dry, iron warmly. Note that the yellow color will gradually lose its luster wash after wash. Unlike the black Bowtex tights that keep its color.

Where can I buy it ?


Bowtex leggins are available through our store page where you can buy them online. Delivery is free.


However, our distribution network is gradually expanding and you will find on this map the complete list of all our points of sale.

Where are the leggins from ?

Our products are manufactured in Europe, using the most stringent manufacturing processes. No child work and respectful working conditions guaranteed.

The DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber fabric used comes from a Dupont Denemour ™ certified factory and is manufactured in Germany.

What’s new with Bowtex?


Research and development is a priority for us. New materials and processes to offer the best in terms of protection and comfort.