Do you want to ride your motorbike in your own clothes and in total safety?
Bowtex has THE solution!

Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber made in Germany
Garments made in the E.U.

Bowtex makes under-garments that:

  • protect against abrasion, impacts and heat
  • you can slide under any pair of jeans or pants
  • are comfortable to wear all day long, all year round
  • let you keep an urban look. On and off the bike

How does it work ?

By combining two very specific layers of fabric.

The base layer, which covers the whole legs protects against abrasion, impacts and heat and provides good temperature regulation for a high level of comfort.

The added patches on the bum, hips and knees willwithstand several seconds on the asphalt!

We are the only brand offering a 2 layer system, for enhanced protection.

And last but not least, our leggings have built-in pocketsso you can insert the our CE rated impact protectors

The fabrics used in our products are designed to provide optimum comfor and protection and meet strict European norms (see shop).

In winter, it’s an added layer of thickness for extra heat.

In hotter days, the fabric lets air flow through your legs to evacuate moisture and cool them.